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Have you ever wished that you knew how to clog?  Did you consider learning from a local clogging group but were afraid you would be the worst one there or that you wouldn't be able to keep up with them? Many people who would LOVE clogging are in that same position. Wouldn't you prefer to learn the basic steps from the privacy of your own home until you feel competent enough to join that local group?



Well, I have produced four beginner clogging videos that are available to you for free to learn at your own pace at home. They have lots of repetition and are taught very slowly so you can practice the steps in a progressive manner until you feel competent enough to join a local clogging group and keep up with their pace.You'll learn the style of clogging and the basic clogging steps that are needed to progress to the more complicated steps. There are printable cue sheets to go with each clogging lesson to help you while you practice.

I also have produced beginner clogging DVD's and CD's to accompany each online clogging lesson that have additional practice, additional steps, and are then put to music to make it more enjoyable. I welcome you to view my clogging videos and to comment on how you like them.

You can also feel free to browse my website store to see what clogging accessories you may like including custom-made clogging jewelry (I heart clogging), clogging t-shirts, and clogging dance bags. I also have clogging shoes and Steven Stomper regular clogging taps and buck taps for men, women, and children.

I look forward to your comments and I hope this website helps you to become proficient at the basic clogging steps so you can continue to learn and enjoy the wonderful world of clogging.

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